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 Contact Insurance Brokerage Company, the insurance brokerage arm of Contact Financial Group, celebrated its distinguished achievements. The ceremony was attended by a group of leaders from Contact Financial Holding Group and representatives of insurance companies in the Egyptian market.

Nihal Brik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Connecticut Insurance Brokerage, honored a group of distinguished employees in appreciation of their efforts during the year.

The ceremony witnessed the announcement of a series of achievements that strengthened the position of Connecticut Insurance Brokerage as a leading company in the field of insurance. The company obtained the ISO 20121 certificate, becoming the first insurance brokerage company in the Middle East to obtain the ISO sustainability certificate. It also renewed the accreditation of the ISO 9001 certificate for quality systems, confirming its commitment to the highest quality standards in work.

Brick said that Connecticut Insurance Brokerage’s superiority was not limited to quality and innovation, but also extended to include sustainable development and gender equality. The company has adopted a set of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including gender equality and supporting public health. It also obtained the Egyptian Seal of Gender Equality (EGSQ) certificate, making it the only company in the Egyptian insurance sector to obtain this distinction. In addition, the company's rating was upgraded from “beginner” to “achiever” on WEP’s standards and principles, the United Nations’ 

global initiative for women’s empowerment.

She explained that, thus, Contact Insurance Brokerage became one of only four insurance companies, and the only one of the insurance brokerage companies, to sign this initiative.

She stressed that Contact Insurance Brokerage is also keen to keep pace with technological developments and facilitate clients’ access to its services. The company has launched the Contact Insurance Brokerage application, which provides customers with easy access to the company’s services, including a portal containing health advice and guidance specific to women, including a complete program and schedule for medical follow-up of pregnancy until birth, and a set of medically approved advice for early screening of breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men. .

She noted that to enhance the efficiency of its employees, the company trained 30% of them in the fields of financial technology, insurance, e-marketing, and compensation requirements, as part of an ongoing training plan. Contact Insurance Brokerage has also expanded its management structure to 

meet increasing business requirements.

Brick revealed that these achievements reflect Connecticut Insurance Brokerage’s commitment to innovation and excellence in providing insurance services. It also confirms the company's keenness to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals and support initiatives that promote gender equality.

Nihal Brik stressed the company's commitment to continuing to provide the best services to its customers, and achieving more successes in the future.

For his part, Saeed Zaatar, CEO of Contact Financial Group, pointed out that the achievements of Contact Insurance Brokerage are a model to be emulated in the field of insurance, expressing his aspiration for more innovations and successes that the company will present in the future.

Zaatar expressed his pride in Connecticut Insurance Brokerage’s adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and its support for initiatives that promote gender equality.

Then Zaatar added, “Developing innovative applications proves the company’s commitment to keeping pace with technological developments and facilitating customers’ access to its services. I am confident that Contact’s comprehensive approach, which combines quality, innovation and social responsibility, sets a role model in the insurance sector and will lead to improved customer experience.”

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